Distance learning from Advanced training center Bolashaq academy

In the period from October 9 to November 20, 2019 4 teachers of the Buketov Karaganda University were trained at the following courses of professional development:
1. Modern aspects of the implementation of the training process in biology (72 hours) – 2 people;
Ecological bases of environment monitoring. 2. Methods of ecosystem condition assessment (72 hours) – 1 person;
3. In-depth Study of Biotechnology (72 hours) – 1 person.
Trainees highly appreciated the quality of the courses and on-the-job training opportunities.


Zhumagaliyeva Zh.Zh., senior lecturer at the Department of Zoology:
The course “Modern aspects of the implementation of the educational process in biology” was very timely for me, as I am being certified in my specialty. At the same time, I was trained in the basics of Latin alphabet in the city of Nur-Sultan, so online mode allowed me to successfully master the course and in time to pass the final testing.
The course has a lot of additional materials, developments, ready-made schemes and algorithms of inter-subject relationships, questions on the organization of scientific activities and writing elective courses.

S.U. Tleukenova, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Botany:
For me, passing the courses in online format is a new and very convenient format. The course “Modern aspects of realization of educational process on biology” chosen by me allows not only to raise qualification, but also to find new formats of presentation of materials on lessons on my discipline at university.

Musina R.T.: lecturer at the Department of Botany:
My course “Ecological bases of environment monitoring. Methods of ecosystem assessment” is very good for my specialization in ecology. The materials allow me to revise some issues of teaching and presentation of information for students of ecology. The convenience of the course is that it can be taken at a convenient time. Thus, I have not had the opportunity to improve my skills for a long time due to the high cost of other courses and the need to travel to another city. Currently, I am planning to choose another course on this training platform.

Kishkenebayeva D.O.: teacher of the department of Botany:
The course “In-depth Study of Biotechnology” helped me well, as I conduct practical classes of PSA in groups studying in English. The materials of the courses are conveniently presented, available for understanding, and the online training allows me to plan my own time for studying.

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