Defense of diploma works of students of the department of Legal Disciplines

On May 14, 2020 at the Department of Legal Disciplines in on-line mode was held a preliminary protection of diploma works of full-time students.

Op-line preliminary protection took place with the use of Skype software.

At the beginning there was defined a regulation and set clear goals and objectives of this event.

All students-leavers (groups U16-2kaz, U17-1k) took part in the work of preliminary protection.

The purpose of pre-protection is to prepare a student graduate for the most responsible procedure of the educational process – the protection of the diploma work. Pretrial defense is the final stage.

The student’s report took place in the following format:

Introduction. During this time, the student introduced the participants of online preliminary defense with the formulation of the topic of the thesis and revealed the relevance of the issue raised from the scientific and practical point of view.

Voicing the goals and objectives set in the diploma thesis. He familiarized himself with the methodology of the conducted research, which allowed to solve the set tasks.

Conclusions: this part of the presentation summarizes the results of the student’s efforts and the results obtained in the course of the diploma work.

It should be noted that at the time of the report the authors of the diploma thesis maintained contact with the online audience.

As a result of the event, it can be concluded that the goal of the event has been achieved.

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