Dear Applicant

Today we would like to introduce you to the Bolashaq Academy and tell you about the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines.

The Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines was established in 2007 Training is conducted in the state and Russian languages on the educational program “Pharmacy” is carried out for a period of 5 years.

For the training on educational program “Pharmacy” the chair is fully provided with educational and methodical documentation: there is the state standard of the specialty, working curricula and working educational programs. The book fund makes more than 5000 copies of educational, methodical and scientific literature.

The department of pharmaceutical disciplines has 9 educational laboratories, among them:

Laboratory of drug technology,
Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry and Drug Research Methods, Laboratory of Pharmaceutical and Analytical Chemistry,
Laboratory of biological and toxicological chemistry,
Laboratory of Organic and Physcologic Chemistry,
laboratory of botany and pharmacognosy,
Laboratory of instrumental methods of analysis,
laboratory of industrial technology,
Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Homeopathy,
as well as specialized classrooms.
At the classroom disciplines students receive theoretical knowledge, which are fixed with practical skills at seminars and SRSP.

Students of the department are actively involved in research work under the guidance of experienced teachers. Every year students’ scientific-practical conferences are held, where students present their research materials. The most active students have the opportunity to make scientific reports at conferences of different levels, and the materials of their research were published in scientific journals.

The social life of the department is interesting and varied. Students and teachers of the department actively participate in various city, regional and national events.

Our graduates are in demand in the labor market of Kazakhstan. They have the opportunity to work:

In pharmacies of any form of ownership and in pharmacy warehouses of wholesale firms;
In state bodies of management and control in the sphere of circulation of medicines and medical products;
In bodies that certify compliance of medicines and testing laboratories;
As medical representatives of domestic and foreign pharmaceutical firms;
In research institutes involved in drug development;
In pharmaceutical factories and plants for the production of medicines;
In beauty salons;
In toxicology laboratories;
In laboratories of forensic medicine.

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