New Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to New Kazakhstan

On March 16, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Zhomart Kemelovich Tokayev addressed to the people of Kazakhstan with a new message at the joint session of the Houses of Parliament. The message was delivered at 11:00. Today’s message of the President was devoted to the implementation of a new program of political reforms and a number of social and economic measures to be implemented in the near future.

This year’s President’s Address was probably the most anticipated event since the Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Such expectation was fostered not only by the promises of the President himself after the “January events”, but also by the objective need for changes in the positive direction, which have taken shape over 30 years of sovereignty.

After listening to the speech of the President, we can say with confidence that this message will be a milestone in the life of our Kazakhstani society, which will go down in the annals of history as, in fact, a revolutionary event that radically changed the vector of political and economic development and defined the prospects of our country for the coming centuries.

The main thesis, which runs as a red line through the entire Address, is reduced to the expression of our President – “A harmonious combination of political and economic reforms”. I remember there was a thesis “First economics, then politics,” which caused much debate and criticism, but still had a special meaning in the objective conditions of our country’s development.

Radical changes are coming in the future in the life of our state and society.

Perhaps the most important one is the departure from a super-presidential form of government to a presidential republic with a strong parliament and a ban on the president being a member of parties. Establishment of a Constitutional Court in Kazakhstan. Also, strengthening the role of the Parliament of the country and giving the Senate the right only to approve or not to approve laws, while the Majilis will be given the right to adopt laws.

No less principal are such proposals of the President as. simplification of the process of registration of parties in the country with the reduction of the threshold – from 20 to 5 thousand people.

Tokayev KZ Today a devastating geopolitical storm has broken out on the planet. Therefore, we need to firmly adhere to the course aimed at protecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state. In this regard, the President assured, “Kazakhstan has all the reserves and tools to overcome the large-scale crisis.

The President has instructed to ensure the stability of our national currency.

The Head of State said: “There are a lot of problems in the Almaty agglomeration. Given these and other factors, I propose to divide the Almaty region into two parts. In this region will be formed Zhetysu and Almaty region. The center of Almaty region should be in Kapshagai. The center of the Zhetysu region will be located in Taldykorgan.” “If the population suggests it, I support the initiative to rename Kapchagai to Konaev,” he said. Tokayev also proposed creating a new oblast – Abay Oblast with an administrative center in Semey. And one more oblast, the Ulytau oblast, with its administrative center in Zhezkazgan.

The President: “We must preserve our main asset – our independence; we must strengthen the foundations of our national identity; and we must concentrate on the transformation of the country. This is our sacred duty before future generations.

The head of state will sign a decree on de-bureaucratization of the public sector – it will affect the process of decision-making, including in the budget sphere.

In order to systematize the activities of local governments, the President proposed to create a new public institute “Ұlttyk құryltay”.

Tokayev suggested revising the law on the media. The media must be competitive and free. This is extremely important now. Journalists should genuinely care about their citizens. They must be free and not work at the “order” of individuals or citizens.

In order to implement the President’s message, about 30 amendments should be made to the Constitution in order to implement all my initiatives proposed today”. In addition, more than 20 more laws will be adopted before the end of the year.

“We will resolutely resist ignorance and archaicism, radicalism and dependency, the cult of consumption and corruption. We need to overcome mutual alienation and revive public faith in the reality of change,” the President said in concluding his address.

The President assured us that no one will come to us from the outside and do everything for us – everything is in our hands. Therefore, it is important for everyone to get involved and actively work towards a new Kazakhstan. With the support of our people, we will achieve our goals.

In conclusion, I would like to say, my colleagues, that we have a great opportunity not only to witness the construction of a new state but also to be its creators. So let us support our head of state and put all these great ideas into practice!

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