Cooperation with the Museum of Mountaineering named after V. I. Ratsek

On April 21, 2024, senior teacher of the department of general education disciplines, member of the Karaganda regional tourist club of Ilyasov A.U., collecting materials for the 2nd volume of the publication about the founder of mountaineering and mountain tourism in Central Kazakhstan N.V. Paganuzzi, visited the mountaineering museum named after V.I. Ratsek.

Vladimir Iosifovich Ratsek is one of the founders of mountaineering in Central Asia, a career officer and geocartographer, participant in pre-war expeditions to the Central Tien Shan, leader of mountaineering expeditions in the 1930-1970s in the mountains of Central Asia. Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Honored Master of Sports, Honorary Member of the All-Union Geographical Society and the Union of Journalists of the USSR V.I. Ratsek was a repeated chairman of the Mountaineering Federation of Uzbekistan.

Presentation of a book about N.V. Paganuzzi to the museum fund. V.I. Ratsek from the Karaganda regional tourist club and the author-compiler

The idea of creating a museum belongs to the artist and mountain tourist Eldar Fatkhullin. The museum exposition was created by a group of mountaineering enthusiasts led by the master of sports, second generation mountaineer of the 1950s-1960s G.V. Kalinin. Since April 12, 2011, the doors of the museum have been open to everyone who is interested in the history of high-altitude ascents and those who made them.

The curator of the museum, Georgy Vladimirovich, is an experienced climber, master of sports of the USSR, multiple winner of the Soviet Union championships in the high-altitude climbing class, climbed Communism Peak and Lenin Peak five times, and Evgenia Korzhenevskaya Peak twice. Author of unique books about climbers and ascents “Fortambek and its peaks” (1983), “White peaks of Trans-Alai. Three seasons in the heavenly mountains” (2015), etc.

Museum of Mountaineering named after. V.I Ratsek is constantly updated with new exhibits, including documentary and photographic material. Georgy Vladimirovich conducts ongoing activities to systematize funds and create new exhibitions. They repeatedly turn to the director and curator of the museum with various requests on the history of mountaineering, and Georgy Vladimirovich provides invaluable assistance in selecting material. I was also very lucky, as a researcher of N.V. Paganuzzi to my personal archive of the historian Kalinin G.V. donated original copies of Nikolai Valentinovich’s books “Fan Mountains and Yagnob” (1968) and “Southern Slopes of Gissar” (1975)

Cooperation with the V.I. Mountaineering Museum is planned. Ratsek to study a huge fund of photographic materials about the Fanskiye Mountains.

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