Career guidance for school graduates

On March 7, 2024, senior teachers of the Department of Pedagogy Sarbasova K. A. and Kosmanova A. B. conducted career guidance work with students of grades 11 of the gymnasium No. 14 in Karaganda.

During the meeting, the graduates were familiarized with the educational programs of the Department of Pedagogy and received information about the possibility of admission to the master’s program. Information was provided on the quality of educational programs, bachelor’s degree, international relations, educational processes and achievements, as well as that students can actively participate in clubs and various events.
Information was also provided on the place of the interuniversity Academy of Kazakhstan “Bolashaq”, its highest levels in the republican ranking in recent years, the number of students, educational facilities, and the quality of education.

The students took an active part in the conversation, asked their questions related to the conditions of admission to the academy. This career guidance work encourages students to make a conscious, motivated choice of profession based on an understanding of their capabilities, interests and inclinations. The students received comprehensive answers to questions about admission to the university.
The students were shown a presentation about the Bolashaq Academy, and career guidance materials (booklets) were distributed.

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