Pre-diploma defense of 4th year students of the educational program 6B01301- “Pedagogy and methods of primary education”

On April 22, 2024, the pre-diploma defense of students of the PMNO group – 20-2 (full-time department) took place in the educational program 6B01301 – “Pedagogy and methods of primary education.”

The pre-diploma defense was presented by Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy, Ph.D. Abilkasimova G.K., associate professor Eshmuratova D.S., senior teachers Sarbasova K.A., Zhapanova R.N., Arunova Zh.A., Nurkenova G.K., Kosmanova A.B. and students of the PMNO-20-2 group.

Pre-diploma defense is a mandatory stage of verification. To do this, they check not only the readiness of the thesis, but also the readiness of the student himself. After all, it is necessary to psychologically prepare for important work so that when defending your diploma there are no difficulties or troubles. As one of the stages of preparation, each student must undergo a pre-diploma defense procedure.

In fact, one could say that the preliminary defense is the presentation of the main event. Pre-diploma defense is necessary to ensure that students do not have difficulties in the future when engaging in scientific work. Preliminary defense is a 90% guarantee that the thesis will be submitted without problems.

Students presented theses for their diploma works. Teachers asked students questions about the topics of their work. Members of the commission made amendments and additions to students’ theses. The need to correct and process all criticism expressed before defending the thesis was noted.

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