Congratulations and wishes of senior students to junior students

The Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication appreciates the continuity of generations and holds annual meetings of freshmen with senior students in order to transfer experience and guidance from older and more experienced students to beginners.

On December 6, 2019 there was a meeting of freshmen of the Department of FL and IC with senior students, where each group prepared its own surprise.

The meeting was held between Daniyar Zhanabayev (group IN-16-1) and Ospanova Raihan (group IN-16-2).

The meeting was opened by a procession of delegations from representatives studying English, French, Chinese and German.

Senior courses prepared a variety of music and theatre performances, games and quizzes. Freshmen also did not remain in debt with the answer.

After the meeting of students and teachers a small buffet was waiting for them, and the meeting was held in a very warm and hearty atmosphere.

We thank all students and teachers and hope that there will be more such meetings, and students will feel “at home” in the walls of the Academy “Bolashaq”, which they consciously chose from many other universities.

Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication

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