Lecture on prevention and treatment of chronic iron deficiency anemia

On April 21, “Bolashaq” Academy doctor Kuur S.G. gave a lecture on the prevention and treatment of chronic iron deficiency anemia.

Anemia is a decrease in the total amount of hemoglobin, most often manifested by
decrease of its concentration in a unit volume of blood. In most cases, with the
with the exception of iron deficiency and thalassemia, anemia is also accompanied by
Reduced concentration of erythrocytes per unit blood volume.
Chronic iron deficiency anemia (CIDA) is a clinical and hematological syndrome,
characterized by impaired hemoglobin synthesis due to iron deficiency and
manifested by anemia and sideropenia [2]. The main causes of CSFD are
Blood loss and deficiency of heme-rich foods – meat and fish. Let’s break down the main points
of the problem: iron metabolism, diagnosis of CSFD, treatment and prevention issues.

Basics: chronic iron deficiency anemia
1) red blood cell transfusions are never needed;
2) Parenteral administration of iron (intramuscular and
3) there is no need to add anything to the oral iron preparations – no vitamins in
injections, no hydrochloric acid, no intravenous glucose, no “hematopoietic stimulants”, no nutritional supplements;
4) only prolonged intravenous doses of divalent iron, and a significant increase in hemoglobin, as opposed to an improvement in
And, unlike the improvement of general well-being, a considerable increase of hemoglobin will not occur quickly – after 4 to 6 weeks.

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