Defense of diplomas of 4th year students of the educational program “6V01101 – Pedagogy and Psychology”.

On April 24, 2024, the defense of diplomas for students of the PiP-20-2 group (daytime section) of the educational program “6V01101 – Pedagogy and Psychology” took place.

The diploma defense was attended by the following faculty members from the Department of Pedagogy: Associate Professor, Ph.D. Abdrahmanova A.S., Ph.D., Associate Professor Mamerkhanova Zh.M., Ph.D., Associate Professor Korzhumbayeva M.B., and instructors Shutenova S.S., Esmagulova A.A., Kosmanova A.B., as well as students of the PiP-20-2 group.

The diploma defense in the “Pedagogy and Psychology” educational program is considered significant for students as it marks the culmination of their preparation process. During the diploma defense, the overall readiness of students in terms of their academic work related to the pedagogical-psychological specialization is assessed. The comprehensive part of the defense is evaluated based on the internal regulations of the department. The readiness level of students for diploma defense is determined according to the internal regulations of the department.

Diploma defense is considered a crucial moment in students’ academic journey. This defense prepares students to face future challenges associated with scholarly work.

Students present their diploma projects with 90% readiness and defend them in front of the examination committee. Teachers ask questions based on the topics of the projects and provide feedback and recommendations for improvement. All the noted shortcomings and suggestions are addressed by students before the final defense, emphasizing the need for further refinement and study.

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