Сотрудниками Карагандинского университета “Болашак” в рамках международной программы “ESRUC SCIENCE AND EDUCATION CARAVAN” поданы заявки для выполнения научных исследований по следующим направлениям:

1) Faculty of Economy and information system: “Development of technology basics for molded products with a wide range of performance on the basis of technogenic and natural crushed minerals”, scientific supervisor – Kuzembaev S.B.

2) Faculty of pharmaceutical science: “Botanical and pharmacognostical study of plants from Lamiaceae family of Kazakhstan flora and searching of species perspective as medicinal raw materials”, scientific supervisor Murzalieva G.T.

3) Law faculty: “Crime action and crime: criminological and economical-legal aspects of the price”, scientific supervisor Nurgaliev B.M.

4) Law faculty: “Corruption in law enforcement agencies – as the problems of overcoming of the crisis phenomena in law-enforcement system”, scientific supervisor Nurgaliev B.M.

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