Young teacher, psychologist – 2020

According to the results of the 1st round of the contest “Young Teacher, Psychologist-2020”, prepared by the schools video clips on the topic “My future profession – teacher, psychologist”, the following schools passed to the 2nd round:
Boarding school No. 68, Karaganda city;

  1. Secondary school No. 17, Temirtau (rus.);
  2. Secondary school No. 17, Temirtau (Temirtau);
  3. Secondary school No. 23 in Karaganda;
  4. Regional specialized boarding school named after Nygmet Nurmakov;
  5. 6. School-lyceum No. 101, Karaganda;
  6. Boarding school No. 76 named after A. Bokeikhan, Karaganda
  7. Resource Center at A. Yermekov Secondary School Base, Shetsky district, Karaganda region;
  8. 9. Kazakh school-gymnasium No. 15. Temirtau (Kaz.);
    1. “Experimental school – Gymnasium named after A. Yermekov, Shetsky district, Karaganda region; 9. 10. “Experimental school – Gymnasium named after Zh.Akylbayev”, Shet district, Karaganda region.
      The second round of the competition “Young Teacher, Psychologist” will be held January 24, 2020 at the Academy “Bolashaq” at 16 Erubaev Street, Karaganda (second floor, assembly hall).

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