Welcome to the postcard competition

riends, we invite you to take part in the republican postcard competition “History of ancient flora and fauna of Kazakhstan, which I want to share”, organized by the Bolashaq Academy.

This event is a part of the Plan of Research Center “Rukhaniyat”, “Academy “Bolashaq” on implementation of the special project “Tugan zher” of “Rukhani zhangyru” program.

Pupils in three age groups may participate in this competition:

  • Primary school 1-4 grades;
  • Middle school 5-8 grades;
  • Senior 9-11 grades.

Themes of the Contest:

  1. Kazakhstan – the land of fossil plants and animals.
  1. the Jurassic period on the territory of Kazakhstan.
  2. “Kazakhstanosaurus” – ancestor of all aquatic dinosaurs.
  3. Dinosaur was a friend of humans.
  4. Fossil animals and plants inhabiting the territory of Kazakhstan.

Requirements for submitting a photo work (postcard):

For the competition the work should be sent in electronic form for “picture postcard” – a photo or colour scan of the work, for “photo composition” – a photo.

The picture postcard should be photographed on a single-colour, light and neutral background, level (not at an angle), clear, with no shadows; it should be visible in its entirety and cover the entire area of the photo (preferably).

The photograph must be free of any extraneous objects and captions. Your picture must be clear.

Creative work and a completed application form must be sent to the organising committee by e-mail to paleopostcrossing@mail.ru (indicating Competition in the subject line).

Director Aupenova A.U.

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