We’re launching Proud of My Country Challenge

June 4 is the Day of State Symbols in Kazakhstan. The holiday is celebrated since 1992, when new symbols were first approved. This day will forever remain in the country’s history as the birthday of new state symbols.

State symbols are one of the inviolable foundations of the state. A blue flag with a golden sun and a soaring silhouette of an eagle and the coat of arms, in the center of which there is an image of a shanyrak as a symbol of a common home for all citizens of Kazakhstan, revealed to the world the image of a new independent state called the Republic of Kazakhstan. And of course there is also the anthem of the country, which since January 2006 is the song “My Kazakhstan”.

Bolashaq Academy on the pages of Instagram social network launches the Challenge “Proud of My Country” dedicated to the Day of State Symbols of Kazakhstan.

Dear students and teachers! We invite you to take part in the Challenge. For this purpose it is necessary to publish on your Instagram page a post where you sing the anthem of our country, stand against the national flag or other symbols.

Collective works from student groups and the whole department are also welcome.

Next, mark our page @akademy_bolashaq and specify the hashtag # Proud of Your Country.

We will certainly repost your publication on our page and mark it on the Academy website.

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