We invite you to take part in the “MEDIA CITY” quiz

Dear students! We invite you to take part in the media literacy project – the “MEDIA CITY” quiz.
Visa is conducted by the Association of Psychology, Business and Media in the framework of the Central Asian program MediaCAMP and will be held in 2 countries – Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
Project goal: to increase media literacy among students of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.
Relevance of the project – improving media literacy. Lack of media literacy generates information imbalance in information consumption: manipulation of citizens’ consciousness, trust.
rumors, dissemination of fake information, not being able to check (conduct fact sheets), not being able to find reliable information sources, etc. This is especially true for young people aged 15 to 25 years, because this audience uses the Internet and social networks a lot and is one of the most vulnerable to manipulation and information stuff due to their immaturity and trustfulness.
Quizzes – a very popular today format of intellectual games, as well as entertainment and pastime.
A quiz is an intellectual game in which people answer questions. The game is held in several rounds and in
It can be used by many teams simultaneously.


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