Online meeting with American Corner’s literary club

Asel Kuatovna Khomutova, the head of the Philology Island circle, visited an online meeting of the American Corner Literary Club as part of the experience exchange. The head of the English-language literary club is American Professor of Literature Richard Burke.
The format of the meetings was interesting. Club members actively discussed read stories by E. Hemingway, freely expressed their views on the characters, argued about the main ideas and hidden meanings of works. It was also nice to see among the participants familiar with the participants of the conference KazTea, young researchers are also interested in literature, the interpretation of the fiction.

During the discussion the professor said a very important phrase: “No one is wrong”. In this expression is the philosophy of any literary club, where everyone can share their view of what has been read without fear of making a mistake. The work of the Philology Island club is also aimed at unlocking the potential of young people.
A.K. Khomutova, senior lecturer of the Department of FL and IC.

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