Visits to the Anatomy Museum

On April 17” 2023, students of the Pharmacy Educational Program of the FM-20-2 group of the Bolashaq Academy visited the Museum of Anatomy at CMU with Senior lecturer of the Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines G.N. Tukubaeva.

We know that anatomical museums are organized on the basis of medical and pharmaceutical universities as an additional educational space for students to get the most complete picture of the structure of the human body and changes occurring in tissues and organs under the influence of various negative environmental factors. Any of these expositions primarily serves to train medical students.

The museum was full of a huge collection of exhibits that vividly describe the human body. Walking through the long halls, we got acquainted with the departments dedicated to the cardiovascular and bone system, nervous system and sensory organs. We saw a human skeleton and bones; samples of congenital deformities and anomalies; preparations of human organs.

They can be used to study any aspects of the structure of the human body, the structure of the cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous systems, genitourinary and musculoskeletal system. All this is stored behind the glass of antique showcases and cabinets. It was very informative and interesting.

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