We invite you to take part in the competition devoted to the 30th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and anniversaries of the founders of “Alash Orda”, public figures A. Bukeyhan, A. Yermekov, J. Akbaev “Alash Orda memleketi zhane Tauelsiz Kazakhstan”.

The aim of the competition is to present the ideological heritage of the figures of “Alash” in formation and development of national consciousness, strengthening and development of Kazakhstan identity and social consent.

Organizers: KSU “Kogamdyk kelisim” of Department of Internal Policy of Karaganda region.

Date of realization: from October 25 to November 12, 2021.

Location: Karaganda, House of Friendship (64, Shakhterov Avenue).

Working languages: Kazakh, Russian.

To participation are invited members of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, members of scientific-expert group of Assembly of the people of Kazakhstan, representatives of ethno-cultural associations, the state bodies and establishments, teachers, doctoral candidates, undergraduates and students of higher educational institutions, pupils of colleges and comprehensive schools, public figures, scientists, experts, representatives of the non-governmental organizations and mass media.

The competition is held in three nominations:

  • Competition of scientific projects devoted to the study of life, creativity of A. Bukeyhan, A. Yermekov, Zh. Akbaev.The work should reflect the author’s own position, based on scientific data and own research, as well as contain verified facts. Volume: not more than 5 pages of computer set.
  • video clips competition. Participants must prepare a quality video clip about A.Bukeykhan, A.Yermekov and J.Akbaev not more than 5 minutes.
  • Competition of publicist articles. Articles, containing not less than 1500 characters, published in printed media (newspapers, magazines) or Internet resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan, meeting all the conditions of the competition (copies of articles, newspaper clippings) will be accepted.

Criteria for evaluation of materials:

  • novelty and uniqueness (creativity of idea) of materials;
  • social importance of the materials;
  • target audience, targeting;
  • artistic approach.

Encouragement of the winners of the contest.

The winners of the competition will receive diplomas and cash prizes:

Contest of scientific projects: 1st place (1 person) – 100 000 tenge, 2nd place (2 persons) – 50 000 tenge, 3rd place (5 persons) – 30 000 tenge.

Video clips competition: 1st place (1 member) – 100 000 tenge, 2nd place (2 members) – 50 000 tenge, 3rd place (5 members) – 30 000 tenge.

Competition of publicist articles: 1st place (1 member) – 100 000 tenge, 2nd place (2 members) – 50 000 tenge, 3rd place (5 members) – 30 000 tenge.

Travelling expenses (travel), accommodation, meals and per diem of participants coming from other settlements are paid by sending side. Organizers provide handouts.

If you are interested in participation, please fill out the registration form of the participant in the Kazakh and Russian languages and till November 12, 2021 send the registration form (Annex 1) and contest materials to the e-mail address with the obligatory note “For participation in the contest For more information please call: 8(7212) 900309, 900329, 8-778-009-24-45, 8-701-479-96-49

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