International Scientific and Practical Conference “Digital Transformation of Learning: Education, Science, Industry”

October 25, 2021 Baibulanova Aiman Asylmuratovna teacher of pharmaceutical disciplines took part in an international scientific conference “The digital transformation of learning: education, science, industry” at the Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Digital Technology, Almaty.

This meeting was devoted to the 30th anniversary of Independence of Kazakhstan and was held online.

The work of the conference was conducted in 3 main directions.

During the conference, domestic and foreign experts and specialists shared useful information in the sections “Mixed and distance technologies in modern education”, “Teacher training in the digital transformation of education”, “Problems of natural sciences in the digital transformation”.

The aim of the conference:

Creating a successful platform for the exchange of skills between scientists, teachers and specialists, considering the organization of research and implementation of innovative approaches in the field of education.

The conference focused on the directions of digital transformation of education, considered the best practices of distance learning, the implementation of a permanent system of training, combining innovative educational technologies and pedagogy to ensure quality education.

The main objectives of the conference:

  • Exchange of experience, skills and information in the field of digital transformation of educational organizations.
  • Review and synthesis of the conference materials to create recommendations for the implementation and improvement of progressive experience of digital transformation for the broader community of science and education.

Based on the articles sent to the conference and on the results of the conference, the best works of the participants were awarded and they were given certificates, and the publication of a collection of materials is planned. The participants expressed their gratitude for the excellent organization of the conference. According to their general opinion, the presented papers aroused great interest due to their scientific novelty and practical significance.

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