Courses in Ethnic Mediation

Courses on ethno-mediation will be organized at Karaganda Friendship House from November 8 to 10, 2021 under the “Complex of events aimed at development of Karaganda Region Institute of Mediation in the sphere of interethnic relations.
The 25-hour courses are designed for non-professional (public) mediators of interethnic relations, who will subsequently become not only mediators, but also negotiators in conflict situations. Training will be conducted in Russian.
Participants of courses can become all wishing, which want to make the public contribution to realization of the state national policy, maintenance of public and political stability in the Republic of Kazakhstan and increase of efficiency of interaction of the state and civil institutes of a society in the field of the interethnic relations.
In the course of lectures for participants will act: the expert-psychologist of Republican information-explanatory group of the Ministry of Information and Social Development RK, the lieutenant colonel of Committee of National Security in retirement, the Honorary professor of Academy of law enforcement bodies at Office of Public Prosecutor RK Shakimova Lola Sergeyevna; the head of the Center of reconciliation of the Trade-union Center of Karaganda area, president of “Zolotaya seredina – SM” Public Association, a member of Public Association “Association of prosecutors” and professional mediator, the certified coach Shardarbekova Sveta
Anzhela Alianovna Injigolyan, a professional mediator; Dmitry Sergeevich Poltarenko, Director-Coordinator of Public Association “Citizens of Kazakhstan”, Karaganda city Maslikhat deputy, moderator of Club of heads of religious associations of Karaganda region, a professional mediator and other lecturers.
The courses are free of charge with a preliminary application and signing of an agreement by 12.00 p.m. November 5, 2021 to e-mail: (copy ). Information by phone: 8 7212 40 08 63 (Dmitry Sergeevich).
Attention! The list of participants is limited. With a large number of applications will be taken into account data of the participants specified in the applications.

When sending an employee for training, travel expenses should be taken into account at the expense of the sending party.
Upon completion of the course participant will receive a certificate of KSU “Qogamdyk kelisim” Department of Internal Policy of Karaganda region and lecturers of the course.
The appendix: the application form and the agreement on training.

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