Mister&Miss Bolashaq-2019

November 28, 2019 in the Academy “Bolashaq” was held the most anticipated event of this year – “Mister & Miss “Bolashaq-2019”.

The event was held to identify the most active, resourceful and talented students, the development of aesthetic taste, creative and communicative abilities, as well as the formation and development of spiritual and moral qualities of students.

The organizers of this bright and dynamic show were the Committee on Youth Affairs, Bolashaq Student Republic headed by Akhmetova Botagoz Telmanovna, Vice-Rector for Social and Educational Work.

The jury consisted of well-known persons in Karaganda: graduate of the Academy “Bolashak” major “Pharmacy”, winner of the competition “Mr. Bolashak-2012” – NURASHEV Argyn Kairbekovich; head of the dance group “Qozaiym” – MURAT Ayim Bauyrzhanovna; Laureate of the international competition, the artist of the concert association named after Kali Bayzhanov of the folklore ensemble “Arka Sazy” – Khassanova Dinara Nuralovna, the head of the dance group “Naz-El”, choreographer of the Academy – Suleimenova Elmira Sultangazievna, chief specialist of CYA, chairman of the jury – APEYEVA Aidana Zarubekovna.

For the title of “Mr. and Miss Bolashaq” 8 charming girls and 8 gallant boys competed: Askerbaeva Aiganym (FM-18-5), Akhmetova Inkar (IN-18-2), Bekdosova Kamila (IN-18-1), Batsunova Ekaterina (FM-18-1), Zholtay Aibolgan (K-19-1), Kabysheva Saniya (Yu-19-2), Madi Akbotha (IN-19-1), Sultanova Ayazhan (IN-19-2), Askaraliev Khushnudbek (FM-18-2), Zharlygasynov Yersultan (FM-18-5), Karimbayev Azamat (FM-18-2), Mergembaev Anuar (Yu-19-2), Мukhtarov Arystan (FM-19-3), Тolenbergen Aibar (Yu-18-2), Hamidov Sohib (F-19-2), Izbasar Erkanat (K-19-1).

The first stage of the contest was a traditional “business card”, during which participants in a free genre talked about their abilities, hobbies and, of course, about their couple in different creative ways: performing a song in a duet, staging a parody on various TV shows, the presentation of a mini-roll about the couple, joint dance, etc.

During the second stage of the competition the jury members were able to assess the creative abilities of the contestants.

The next stage of the competition revealed the intellectual talents of the contestants and the level of physical strength of the contestants. The contestants were asked different kinds of questions related to different life situations, mainly family and domestic, and the male half of the participants had the opportunity to compete in arm-wrestling tournaments.

According to the results of this stage the candidates in the categories “Mr. Power” and “Miss Erudition” were chosen.

This was followed by a fashion parade, during which our charming contestants showed all their grace, showing themselves in the evening images. All the girls were irresistible and individual in their choice. Guys-competitors gave flowers to the charming contestants, thus showing their gallantry and ability to care for the girl. The results of the stage “Defile” decided who would be the best in the category “Mr. Gallantry” and “Miss Grace”.

It should be noted that the audience did not get bored during the breaks to count the votes and points: the hosts took the audience a lot of fun and entertaining competitions. The lecturers of the Academy and students from different groups actively participated in these contests.

Before announcing the names of “Mr. and Miss Bolashaq-2019”, the jury named the winners in the nominations: Miss Talent – Zholtay Aibolgan (K-19-1); Mr. Talent – Mergembaev Anuar (Yu-19-2); Miss Erudition – Akhmetova Іnkar (IN-18-2); Mr. Power – Askaraliev Khushnudbek (FM-18-2); Mr. Elegance – Karimbayev Azamat (FM-18-2); Miss Grazia – Batsunova Yekaterina (FM-18-1).

By unanimous decision of the jury the main winners of the competition became:

I – Mr. and Miss Bolashaq 2019 – Мukhatrov Arystan (FM-19-3) and Bekdosova Kamila (IN-18-1);

II – Vice-Mister and Vice-Miss Bolashaq 2019 – Zharlygasynov Yersultan (FM-18-5) and Sultanova Ayazhan (IN-19-2).

All the winners were awarded prizes and diplomas, other participants received letters of appreciation.

This event is held every year and we encourage everyone to get ready to participate now, and next year to apply and thus take the opportunity to show themselves from the best sides!

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