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On December 9, 2022, students of our Academy took part in the international scientific and theoretical conference on the topic: “Integration of science and education in the context of innovative development and implementation of sustainable Development goals, dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

The conference was held through the ZOOM app at the link:

The plenary session and section 1 Modern trends in legal research: problems of improvement and prospects for implementation were attended by: students of the U-21-1 group Hartman Z.A., Gibert K.A. Orazkenov A.K., Khintsitsky I.P., (supervisor senior lecturer of the Department of Legal and Financial Disciplines Akhmetova A.K.), Vice-Rector for Scientific Kadyrova G.A. and Vice-rector for Social and Educational Work Ismailova R. N.

Our students made interesting presentations on the topical topic: “Exemption from criminal liability”.

The reports were presented in English and Russian .

Hartman Z.A. with a report on the topic: “SOME LEGAL ISSUES OF SPECIAL EXEMPTION FROM CRIMINAL LIABILITY” (“Some legal issues of special exemption from criminal liability”). Scientific supervisor Akhmetova A.K.
Gibert K.A. with a report on the topic: “Some problems of the implementation of the institution of exemption from criminal liability”. Scientific supervisor Akhmetova A.K.
Orazkenov A.K., with a report on the topic: “On the concept of exemption from criminal liability.” Scientific supervisor Akhmetova A.K.
Khintsitsky I.P., with a report on the topic: “On some issues of exemption from criminal liability for the commission of certain criminal offenses in the field of economic activity.” Scientific supervisor Akhmetova A.K.

When writing articles, students applied the knowledge they received while studying the discipline: Criminal Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, general lecturer Professor Kabzhanov A.T., familiarized themselves with the materials of criminal cases, summarized data on the practice of exemption from criminal liability. We conducted research work in our rich library fund of the Academy, where we got acquainted with the works on this topic.

The conference program is attached.

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