The National Sports tournament was held

The Nauryz holiday is the most important national holiday, which has a source of deep traditional values and a high consolidating potential and a mechanism for creating the identity of the nation. In accordance with the instruction of the Head of State, the main purpose of celebrating Nauryz Meirama should be to strengthen peace and harmony in Kazakhstan, consolidate citizens around the common task of creative development of the country, form common cultural and spiritual values and national consciousness.

On 03/16/2024, the Bolashaq Academy hosted an event “National Sport” dedicated to the promotion of culture and national values. The game “Arkan Tartys” was organized to promote the national sport. Many participants of the competition performed among the teaching staff, staff and students of the academy..

The teams participating in the national game competed with each other and showed great success:

The “Points” team;

The Pharmacist and Law Team ;

Dostyk team;

The Akylbek team

1st place – the Pharmacist and Law team ;

2nd place – Akylbek team

3rd place – Team “Points” ;

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