The future of Kazakhstan is my future!

On March 31, 2023, an open curatorial hour was held at the Bolashaq Academy by students of the Faculty of Pharmacy. The importance of today’s topic was special. The meaning of this topic was revealed among the students, and they expressed the desire of their families for the growth and prosperity of Kazakhstan. Kolganatov N., Khamitova A. defended a presentation on the topic “On the way to the revival of New Kazakhstan” in an open classroom, and our students showed activity. The significance of today’s topic was special. The meaning of this topic was revealed among students, and valuable information related to the growth and development of Kazakhstan was shared by Sarken A, Adasova A.: “We must know the history of our country, honor and not forget about the traditions of the great Kazakh people, be law-abiding citizens. After all, our future depends on us – the future of Kazakhstan,” said Victoria Danoyan, a student of the FM–21-1 group. “I believe that young people are not only the future of the country, but also the present. Already now we must create conditions for the formation of a New Kazakhstan.”, – Ispanova Shugyla, a student of the FM-18-3 group, expressed her opinion.

This innovation opened the way for the establishment of a new political culture in the country, increasing mutual responsibility and trust in society. As an independent country, our country has begun to serve a new way of life. The dreams and goals of the people for centuries have come true, the duty to the ancestors has been fulfilled. We have been accepted as members of major global organizations and are developing at an extraordinary pace. Our current president holds a special place for us. Firstly, he brought the country out of a difficult period. Secondly, as a state, it has gained a great reputation among the states of the world. He not only thinks about today, but also puts a lot of effort into making prosperous Kazakhstan one of the civilized countries in the future.

Kazakhstan is the cradle of a new, spiritual civilization. The Kazakh people have many advantages. Although he suffered a little, he endured everything and got stronger. Kazakhstanis managed to save their country thanks to cohesion and unity. The country has achieved the status of a state that can be a model for the whole world.

We need to express our gratitude to the Creator for living in such a time, serve with all our soul and body, and try to make our earth become Earth. Hope is the pillar of the future.

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