Conducting a conversation on the topic: “Let’s get acquainted with the professions”

Within the framework of the professional orientation work on 06.04.23, teachers of the Department of Pedagogy of the OP DOV Shaltaeva R.Zh., Zhanysbaeva R.M., and a student of the group DOV-20-2kaz Abish Tolganai held a meeting with a team of teachers of the KGKP “Aigolek”.

The teachers informed the teachers of the preschool organization about the educational programs of the Bolashaq Academy, about the teaching staff, about the conditions of admission to the university, about payment, about scholarships, about the employment of graduates. Detailed information was provided about the achievements of the Bolashaq Academy in the field of science and education, that the Bolashaq Academy carries out international cooperation with leading universities, as well as implements dual education. As part of the implementation of the State Program for the Development of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020-2025, the Academy is working purposefully to ensure the professional training of competent and competitive specialists and the integration of education and science.

A conversation with the teachers of I/s “Aigolek”, Ph.D., associate professor Shaltayeva R.Zh. and senior lecturer of the Department of Pedagogy Zhanysbaeva R.M. about the features of teaching the specifics of the educational program 6B01201 – “preschool education and upbringing” of the Academy “Bolashaq”.

In general, summing up the results of the career guidance work carried out, it can be concluded that the staff of the kindergarten “Aigolek” was interested in the features and conditions of training of the educational programs of the bachelor’s and master’s degree of the CHU Academy “Bolashaq”.

Associate Professor of the department Shaltaeva R.Zh.

Senior lecturer Zhanysbaeva R.M.

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