Curatorial hour on the topic: “An honest and fair generation is the future of our country!”

On April 6, 2023, the adviser of the Department of Pedagogy, A.M. Tazhinin, held an open curatorial hour with students of the educational program “Pedagogy and Psychology” of the Russian department on the topic “An honest and fair generation is the future of our country!”

The purpose of the curatorial hour was: education of respect for moral norms, formation of a culture of intolerance to corruption, education of students’ value attitude to such moral categories as honesty and decency

During the curatorial hour, a conversation was held with students about the importance of observing the norms of morality and morality that form the basis of personality, a conversation was also held on the student’s honor code, within which there was a discussion of the rules of conduct at the bolashaq Academy, compliance with internal regulations. There was also a discussion of the importance of being polite, correct and attentive in dealing with other students and teachers.

At the end of the curatorial hour, it was concluded that for the development of our State, for its bright future, it is necessary to form such qualities in students as honesty and decency, law-abiding, respect for other people, intolerance to corruption.

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