Meeting with students

On September 21 for the 1st year students of distance learning the staff of Center of the Academy “Bolashaq” Aubakirova M.B., Sheken A.Zh., Nurgazieva A. organized a meeting during which they held a consultation on work on the platform MOODLE.
The students were given passwords and logins to work on the platform. The DOT staff answered the questions they were interested in.

With students of educational programs “Pedagogy and methodology of primary education”, “Pre-school education and upbringing” edweiser of the Department Bokizhanova G.K., Akparova Zh.M., Talikova G.T., Zhapanova R.N., Shaltaeva R.Zh., Zhanysbaeva R.M., Sarbasova K.A., Bakaramova S.A. conducted additional conversation and also answered the questions of interest.

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