UNT for grant admission begins April 15

?ENT for the state educational grant competition will begin April 15 and run through June 30. This is the first time the test has been administered electronically. This will ensure the transparency and openness of the UNT procedure.

?You can apply for the computer-based UNT at http://app.testcenter.kz/.

?ENT in electronic format will be organized according to the principle “one test taker – one computer – one camera”. In addition to the front camera, which will broadcast what is happening in the classroom, another camera will be installed above each table. A state-of-the-art proctoring and video surveillance system will be provided, as well as Face ID digital identification to exclude fake faces at the UNT.

? Compliance with the rules will be monitored by a special computer program, which automatically detects the facts of prohibited items. If during the UNT it is found out that an applicant used smartphones, cheat sheets, etc., the test will be automatically stopped and the results will be annulled.

?Additional monitoring of the testing process will be carried out by the Situation Center. Also, representatives of the special monitoring group of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Counteraction of Corruption and the project office “Adaldyk Alany” will be involved in the UNT to ensure transparency and objectivity.

Applicants for the grant are given two attempts to pass the UNT

?For the first time applicants for a state educational grant may take the UNT twice. For example, if an applicant passed the test in April, he/she can retake it in a few days, or in May or June.

? To participate in the competition for the state educational grant the applicant can present the certificate with the best result.

?Testing takes 4 hours (240 minutes), and applicants can score a maximum of 140 points on the UNT.

? Participants can start from any subject. At the same time, until the end of testing, you can go back to the previously answered questions and correct them. For the convenience of applicants, a calculator, Mendeleev tables and salt solubility will be available on computer screens during the UNT.

? Also, after 60 minutes of testing, students are given a two-minute break for eye exercises and physical exercises, after 120 minutes – a break for 15 minutes.

?The results of the UNT will be available immediately after the completion of testing. The score will be displayed on the screen. Also, the participant of the UNT will immediately see the questions to which he/she gave wrong answers.

? If an applicant disagrees with the results of the UNT, without waiting for the next day, he can submit an electronic application for appeal on the spot.

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