We sincerely congratulate you on March 1 – Gratitude Day!!!

With joy and warmth in our hearts, we congratulate you on the approach of Gratitude Day, an outstanding moment when we pay tribute to the unity, solidarity and kindness that unites us all. On this landmark day, filled with gratitude, peace and harmony, Bolashaq Academy is proud to present the campaign “Thank you all for everything!”designed to strengthen the spirit of mutual assistance and appreciation in our society.

This year, celebrating Thanksgiving Day, which falls on the beautiful first spring sun, we decided to turn it into a source of good deeds and inspiration. Join our unique gratitude fair, where everyone can show their gratitude in the most specific and pleasant way.

At this fair, students and teachers of the Bolashaq Academy share their homemade sweets, prepared with love and care, in order to raise funds to support the volunteer organization Meirim. This is our way to contribute to the common cause of charity and show how important it is to help each other.

The Thanksgiving Day holiday is not just an opportunity to enjoy the first rays of the spring sun, but also a chance to do good, show your gratitude and strengthen ties in our society. Let’s celebrate this day together by showing care and support to those who need it, and warm our hearts with kind deeds and words of gratitude.

May this Thanksgiving Day be filled with joy, health, family well-being and success in all endeavors. Let it be a reminder that together we can create solidarity and prosperity in our country. Happy holidays, dear friends! Together we are a force, and together we can create miracles of gratitude and kindness.

I wish you good health, family well-being, and success in your work!

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