Republican distance competition

Roza Jiembaevna Shaltaeva, associate professor of pre-school education and upbringing, prepared for the Republican distance competition organized by the intellectual portal “Abyroy”, students enrolled in the educational program 6B01301 “pedagogy and methods of primary education,” PMNO-18-2 Sanat Akmaral, Sovetova Aiaulym (Best Script).

The purpose of the competition is to increase research, creative and professional skills of participants to collect and promote the pedagogical practice, the development of interest in science.

The task of the competition is to improve the quality of teaching by increasing interest in research and knowledge. Improvement of creative skills, cognitive skills identification of talents through scientific projects.

Contestants could participate in the following areas: Grade 1-11 students; kindergarten students; students; school and college teachers.

Sanat Akmaral, Sovetova Ayaulym participated in the direction: students.

Topics of competitions for teachers: Best extracurricular activity; Best scenario; Best lesson plan; Best open lesson; Best class hour; Best teacher’s portfolio; Best presentation to the lesson; Best psychologist; Talent teacher.

Sanat Akmaral and Sovetova Ayaulym, students of IV year of study of group PMNO-18-2kaz wrote competitive work on a theme: “The best scenario” (parental meeting) as at this moment they study discipline “Bastauysh mektetegі ata-analarmen zhumys”. An important link in the construction of educational work is the interaction of the teacher with the parents of the pupil. The family is the natural environment of a child’s life and development in which the foundations of personality are laid. Whatever side of the development of the child we did not take, it always turns out that a decisive role in a particular age stage plays the family. The topic chosen by students is relevant. Scientific works of students were awarded by diplomas.

We congratulate the scientific adviser Shaltaeva Roza Zhibaevna, associate professor of DOV department and students Sanat Akmaral and Sovetova Ayaulym. Congratulations and we wish further scientific achievements and success!!!

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