Regional Olympiad for schoolchildren in ‘Basics of Law’

On January 5 and 6, ‘Saryarka Daryny’ RSPC held an Olympiad among schoolchildren of Karaganda city and Karaganda region. As the chairman of jury the professor of academy “Bolashaq” Akylbek Taybulatovich Kabzhanov was invited, the professor of academy Serimov Yeleuzhan Elemesovich became a member of the commission.

The Regional Olympiad is a qualifying stage before the Republican Olympiad.

In total 49 participants from different parts of Karaganda region took part in the section “Basics of Law”. From them 22 were awarded with all sorts of regalia and encouragements. And the most prepared of them will represent our region at the republican level.

Professor A.T. Kabzhanov shared his impressions about the Olympiad: “This event is not held the first year. Participation of our colleagues has image, professional orientation sense and significance. The fact is that it is an honor to use the slightest opportunity to present our home academy. Also, we have the opportunity to effectively present ourselves and form in future applicants who want to choose a legal path, the idea that our Department of Legal Disciplines is able to contribute to the formation of their future as a lawyer in demand is of great importance and is an effective means of attracting students to our Academy.

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