Karaganda “Bolashak” Higher College is known as an educational institution with a modern education system, an open information environment, and modern infrastructure, working in the interests of students, teachers, and employers.

On June 3, 2024, Associate Professor R.Kh. Abdrakhmanov from the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature of the “Bolashaq” Academy held a professional orientation meeting with the graduates of the mentioned college. Information was shared about the “Bolashaq” Academy, including the educational program in Kazakh language and literature. Achievements of the Department of Kazakh Language and Literature, student life, benefits, and opportunities were also discussed.

The college students received considerable information on their pressing questions. During the meeting with the graduates of the “Teacher of Kazakh Language and Literature” educational program, information was provided about the main competitive advantages of the “Bolashaq” Academy, its educational programs, and forms of instruction. A brochure containing information about the academy was also distributed.

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