Self-improvement of your knowledge and skills: a review of the online webinar

Student Yu-19-1k Moroz Olga:

On October 14-16, 2020 I took part in a three-day online webinar “Conflicts and ways of their solution, getting out of stressful situations”.

This webinar was organized by KSU “Astana Zhastary” of Nur-Sultan Mayor’s Office. The lecturer, business coach Dinar Karybayeva was a coach.

During the webinar I heard a lot of useful information.

For example, did you know that there is “physiological stress”? Or informational? I think the last one could happen to you often, because now we really process huge amounts of information.

It was an excellent experience, to feed knowledge. Thank you to the Director of SIC “Rukhaniyat”. A.U. Aupenova for offering to take part.

Formation of a rational model of behavior with an emphasis on achieving real goals, education, healthy lifestyle and professional success is possible through self-improvement of knowledge and skills.

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