Pedagogical practice-school of advanced training of a future specialist

I`m a 4th-year student of the educational program “Kazakh language and literature”, group KR-19-1, Academy “Bolashaq” of Karaganda, Mukhamedzhan Asem, am currently undergoing pedagogical practice in secondary school No. 11, Karazhal, Ulytau region. The second week of pedagogical practice has begun. Until that time, I had fully familiarized myself with the school. The school is equipped with modern equipment, there are separate classrooms for each subject. During the first week, I got acquainted with the calendar and thematic plans of teachers, received the topics of lessons conducted during practice.

Currently, in the 5th grade of this school, I teach Kazakh language and Kazakh literature, and I am also a class teacher. I am preparing a short-term plan, visual aids, slides for the daily lesson. During classes, students are active, behave freely and openly express their thoughts. Many children in the classroom have a well-developed imagination and thinking. My goal during the internship was to study teaching methods from teachers, gain experience, work with students, including working in groups, and learning to work with students individually. I am trying to achieve this goal. Analyzing the lesson after the lesson, my supervisor gives his advice. I also attend classes and exchange experiences with another student intern who studies at this school. I can say with confidence that now, in practice, the theoretical knowledge gained at the university has been very useful to me.

Mukhamedzhan Asem
is a student of the KR-19-1 group
Academy “Bolashaq”
of Karaganda

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