Roundtable discussion on ‘My Family is the Best Parenting School’

On 06.04.2022 at the Department of Pharmacy disciplines, Academy of “Bolashaq” was a round table on “The best school of education – my family. This topical theme touched everyone in the audience. The round table was held to introduce students to customs and family traditions. Students of other specialities were also invited among those present. Participants of the round table were divided into 3 groups, which presented their mottos and team names (İzgilik, Family, Tabys). The presenters showed slides with different tasks. It was encouraging to see how well the children knew the family traditions. Even the Uzbek students were interested in the heated discussion of the participants when they were trying to figure out the tasks. The jury came up with the following results: 1st place – Family, 2nd place – Tabys, 3rd place – Іzgіlіk. Prizes and diplomas were given to the winners.

On behalf of the department we would like to thank the organisers of the round table, group FM 19-2, who took a responsible approach to this event.

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