Successfully completed cognitive practice

I`m  Almatuly Akzhol, am a 1st year student of the educational program “Kazakh language and literature” of the Bolashaq Academy in Karaganda.

I had a cognitive internship at the SOSH im.Alikhan Bokeikhan of Karaganda from January 23 to February 3, 2023. On the first day I got acquainted with the students, the school administration. In the following days, I got acquainted with the teaching methods of the head of the school practice, Raushan Oralkhanovna. The next day I held a training session with students on the topic “The child’s thoughts are in knowledge”.

In addition to conducting trainings, I attended the classes of the head. For the first time, I felt and learned how a teacher should behave in front of students. The head Raushan Oralkhanovna is a very experienced teacher, she helped me in everything. Next week I held an open lesson on a topic I study in literature. The novel of the writer B. Mailin “Shuganyn belgisi” was analyzed by students, the tragic times of the last century were touched upon. An open educational hour was held on the topic “The harm of the Internet.” The students reflected that in our time, when months and days fly by unnoticed, most of the time goes to the Internet. Talking about the dangers of the Internet, I myself took this into account. If we use a mobile phone for classes, of course we will learn a lot, but we also need to know that this has a negative effect on health.

In general cognitive practice, I got acquainted with the types of many teaching jobs. It turns out that teachers have a lot of work that we don’t know about. No wonder they say: “Teaching children is a good thing.” The teachers of the school where I had cognitive practice were very friendly, they also constantly helped me with their advice. Thanks to this cognitive practice, I felt that I had not made a mistake in choosing a profession. I think that in the future I want to create my own plans, work on it and lay the foundations of teaching. Not everyone succeeds in being a good teacher. Therefore, to become a good teacher, you need to work hard. During the internship, I realized that by teaching others, we learn ourselves.

Almatuly Akzhol

Student of group K-22-1

“Kazakh language and literature”

Academy “Bolashaq” of Karaganda

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