Participation in the round table “Eli suigen, Elin suigen – Elbasy”

Director of “Rukhaniyat” Center On 27 November 2020, A.U. Aupenova made a presentation on the First President’s Day at the republican round table “Eli suigen, Elin suigen – Elbasy”, which was held in online format on the eve of the First President’s Day at the Karaganda Technical University.

Welcoming speech from the Karaganda Region Akimat was delivered to the participants of the event by Кұсайын E.B., Head of the State Institution “Karaganda Region Domestic Policy Department”.

In work of round table took part comrades-in-arms of the First President of RK – Elbasy N.A. Nazarbayev: Suleimenov Toleutaj Skakovich, the First Minister of Foreign Affairs of RK, the doctor of political sciences, the professor of Academy of public administration at the President of RK; Sarekenov Kabidolla Zulkashuly, the doctor of technical sciences, the professor, the leading research assistant of chemical-metallurgical institute of a name of D.A. Sokolov. Abisheva; Omashev Kuanysh Omashuly, Honorary Metallurgist; Kyzyrov Kayrulla Beisembayevich, Professor of KarTU; Askeyeva Saule Aldeshevna (her husband was a fellow student of Elbasy); KSU “Kogamdyk kelisim” of the Karaganda Region Akim’s Office, the Historical and Cultural Centre of the First President of the RK – Yelbasy, political scientists, philosophers, social scientists of higher education institutions of the region.

Students and associates of Elbasy told about student years, about difficulties of work at the blast furnace, about courage, persistence, willpower, extraordinary qualities of the First President of RK – Elbasy. Participants of the republican online round table emphasized the historical merit of Elbasy, always first in everything, in the creation and development of an independent, sovereign state, recognized throughout the world.

2020 is the 25th anniversary of election of N.A. Nazarbayev as an academician of NAS of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Implementation of the bibliographic project “Nursultan Abishuly Nazarbayev” headed by the Head of the Chancellery of the First President of the RK – Elbasy, Doctor of Political Sciences Mahmud Bazarkulovich Kasymbekov is timed to this event.

The book includes a biographical essay, reflecting the main dates of life and activities of the First President, and his initiatives, which have received wide recognition from the Kazakh and world public. The new edition contains a wide range of materials on fundamental, programmatic and strategic works of Elbasy, his publications, creative works and performances in Kazakhstan and abroad. The authors of the project also provide information on literary publications, feature films, documentaries and other works on the personality of N.A.Nazarbayev.

Among world experts, the term “Nazarbayev’s model”, which includes Elbasy’s modernization reforms, is widely used. Getting acquainted with Elbasy’s bibliography, we trace the epochal path of formation of sovereign Kazakhstan.

“Rukhaniyat” congratulates the teaching staff of the Academy “Bolashaq” and student youth with the state holiday Day of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

The Day of the First President is the day of historical choice and the day of national unity and consent in Kazakhstan.

May our Motherland, the Republic of Kazakhstan, develop, strengthen and prosper!

May all our undertakings be effective and the future bright!


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