Participation in the Republican scientific-practical conference “Traditions and innovations in the sphere of physical culture and sport”

October 25-26, 2019 the Republican scientific-practical conference (with international participation), “Traditions and innovations in the field of physical culture and sport” dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the specialty “Physical culture and sport” was held at E.A. Buketov Karaganda State University.
The conference was attended by veterans of the faculty, graduates of different years, students.
The plenary report was made by the doctor of medical sciences, professor G.T. Tnimova, who carried out most of her pedagogical activity within the walls of this faculty.
At the end of the conference Gulbagizeh Taufikovna was awarded a letter of gratitude for her contribution to the development and promotion of physical culture and sport in Karaganda region.

By the end of the fifties in the Republic of Kazakhstan began to be felt an acute shortage of specialists in physical culture and sports with higher education: in rural areas, specialists were 12-14%, in cities 25-28%. With this in mind, in 1959 a physical education department was opened at the Karaganda Pedagogical Institute of the Faculty of Biology, which in 1964 grew into a faculty of physical education. The faculty in its development passed a number of stages related to the reorganization of the Karaganda Pedagogical Institute of Physical Education in Karaganda Pedagogical Institute, and then its merger with Karaganda State University named after E.A.Buketov.
The faculty can be proud of its achievements. Graduates replenished a number of physical education teachers, became coaches of sports, heads of sports organizations of different levels. Many glorious names the graduates of different years of the faculty have brought in the history of Kazakhstani sport.
These are champions, prize-winners and participants of the Olympic Games V. Aboimov (swimming), Y. Zaitsev (weightlifting), A. Stepanenko (cycling), V. Gerasimova, E. Gerasimova (swimming).Khamyalainen, D.Karpov, A.Kuzina, O.Bludova, I.Ulyeva, Yu.Mazina (weightlifting), S. Sapiev, G. Golovkin, A. Topaev, B. Abubakirov, D. Munaytbasov (boxing), K. Nurmaganbetov (rowing), A. Samokhin (Greco-Roman wrestling), A. Gavrilov, A. Egorov, A. Savitsky, S. Borisenko (swimming), A. Vasilenko (cycling) and many others.

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