Participation in analytical and development activities

November 28-30, 2019, in the regional project office for the implementation of the program “Rukhani Zhangyru” held a seminar on “Innovative tools to assess the performance of strategic subjects of the Karaganda region.

Vice rector for scientific work and international cooperation of “Bolashaq” Academy T.P. Smolkina, director of “Rukhaniyat” took part in analytical and development activities. Aupenova A.U., students from IN-18-1 Akhmetova Dana and Moroz Olga, u-19-1.

The seminar was led by Academician of the International Academy of Innovative Social Technologies Valery Tsoy and his colleagues, moderators Aigerim Batyrbekova and Alexander Fedoruk.

At the 1st stage the following tasks were solved: description of typical situations, analysis and systematization of difficulties in the activity and interaction of key subjects;

On the 2nd stage: harmonization of value bases and conceptual models of activity and interaction of key subjects;

On the 3rd stage: development and coordination of means of assessment of efficiency of activity and interaction of strategic subjects; registration and presentation of results of work.

Organizational work was carried out in groups, forms of individual activity were used, points of view were coordinated between participants.

Plenary meetings were held, including intergroup interaction and coordination of points of view between them.

Reflexion was applied: individual and group on revealing difficulties of participants.

Methodological advice was provided to address the causes of difficulties at each stage of the activity.

The developers of the seminar familiarized the participants with the project “Creation of the Karaganda Methodological Center for Modernization of Public Consciousness within the framework of the Program “Rukhani Zhangryu” and articles “Seven Facets of the Great Steppe”).

In the Program “Rukhani Zhangyru” the central and fundamental idea is that “the processes of political and economic modernization started in the sovereign Kazakhstan should be accompanied by the advanced modernization of public consciousness, which will be their core”.

Implementation of the adopted in 2017. The program of modernization of public consciousness “Rukhani Zhangyru” is impossible without a qualitative renewal of the used paradigm of thinking.

In this regard, as well as in accordance with the tasks set out in the President’s Address to the people of Kazakhstan on 2.09.19, it becomes relevant to establishment of the Methodological Center for Modernization of Public Consciousness Paradigm in Karaganda Region. The necessary prerequisites for the effective work of the Center are already in place. First of all, these are unique developments in the innovative culture of professional thinking – analytical, managerial, pedagogical and economic.

The main activities of the Methodological Center for Modernization of the Public Consciousness Paradigm:

1) creation of a unified functional and system paradigm and models of interaction of key subjects (analysts, managers, public figures, teachers, entrepreneurs), ensuring competitiveness of the country and improving the quality of life of the people;

2) development of innovative functional models of interaction between civil society and the state, ensuring stability and development;

3) revealing of basic problems of education, housing and communal services, youth, entrepreneurship, interprofessional, interbranch interaction and working out of functional-digital models of development of regions, branches, the country as a whole;

4) functional-chart and scenario modeling of consequences of accepted state programs, normative legal acts and administrative decisions, development of offers and recommendations;

5) carrying out of analytical-development seminars and trainings on formation of project teams of system analysts for creation of Methodological centers for modernization of public consciousness paradigm in all regions of the country.

Seminar participants

Feedback on participation in the seminar

“Analytical and development seminar on the theme “Innovative means of performance evaluation and interaction of strategic subjects of Karaganda region” was held for 3 days.

All these days were maximally saturated and rich with new useful information. The communication was held in group form with coordination of different points of view. Thanks to this seminar I have developed an active understanding of methodological tools, we have learned and understood that it is possible and necessary to draw up schemes when solving any problem. We also agreed on value bases and conceptual models for the activities and interactions of key objects such as teachers, society, educators, and entrepreneurs. As I understood it, the main function of this seminar is to reconstruct the way we think by improving ourselves. This information was useful for me and in applying it I am sure that it will help to get the most effective and positive result.

The student from IN-18-1 Akhmetova Dana

“…learn to think in a new way, avoiding crises and problems…”

“There was a 3-day seminar on the theme: “Innovative means of assessing the performance of strategic subjects of Karaganda region”, organized by the Association of “Civil Alliance of Karaganda region” and the Academy of System Analysis and Modeling, in which I was able to participate.

The system of modeling and analytics has changed some aspects of my consciousness very much, made me think a little differently, to reconsider some moments of subjectivism and objectivism of our life. Modernization of consciousness is a very timely and necessary measure. All crises and problems are the result of wrong thinking. The main goal of the seminar participants was to create interaction between key and strategic subjects – on the one hand, the state, and public, on the other. And, in my opinion, we were able, though not completely, to achieve this interaction.

Moroz Olga, student, U-19-1.

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