Participation in the city contest “New Year Fantasies 2020”

From December 21 to 25 the Committee on Youth Affairs (CYA) of the “Bolashaq” Academy together with the unit of the Active Sales Centre (AS) of Karaganda, Kazakhtelecom JSC’s subsidiary took part in the “New Year fantasy-2020” competition.

The contest “New Year Fantasies 2020” was held in the following nominations:

  • “Mouse’s Tuckers” ;
  • “A Window on the New Year”;
  • “Congratulations to all the communications workers!!!”;
  • “Symbol of the Year 2021” – snow and ice sculpture competition;
  • “New Year’s card”.

Choosing the nomination “Congratulations to all Communication Workers” the team of the Active Sales Center (ASC) of Karaganda CSDT branch of Kazakhtelecom JSC under the guidance of M. K. Baishagirov, the Chairman of KMD, shot a New Year video congratulating them on the occasion.

Announcement of the contest will be held on December 28, 2020.

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