Participation in the Attestation Commission of Justice

On March 17, 2022 in the walls of the Department of Justice of the Karaganda region the next attestation of the future lawyers took place.

A member of the Attestation Commission of Justice is the head of the Department of Legal Disciplines Kabzhanov Akylbek Taybulatovich.

The certification is held in strict accordance with the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from May 22, 2012 № 653.

The attestation consists of two stages:

1) taking a computer test on knowledge of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2) testing the knowledge of an applicant for the advocate’s practice on examination tickets in the form of solving legal mishaps by answering pre-specified questions.

The candidate shall be entitled to take the examination in Kazakh or Russian if he/she chooses to do so. The candidate confirms his/her choice of language in writing before the start of the certification.

The list of questions to be included in the tests shall be approved by the order of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The questions for assessing the knowledge of applicants must correspond to the subjects of legal disciplines, knowledge of which is necessary for practising law, and contain at least three answer options with one correct answer. The test shall be conducted with the use of computer technology. The time allocated for the test shall be ninety minutes.

Before the certification, the Commission informs the candidate about the procedure of the certification, its duration and the content of the selection procedure.

When passing the certification, the applicant is not allowed to use reference, special and other literature, means of communication, as well as any notes.

In case of violation of these requirements, the applicant is removed from the certification on the basis of the minutes of the Commission.

The applicant, suspended from certification, has the right to reapply for admission to certification after three months from the date of the decision in the manner prescribed in the rules.

The calculation of the correct answers of the test shall be made automatically by the computer program used. The test results shall be printed out on the printer in two copies and shall be provided to the applicant for review by his/her personal signature.

One copy of the test results sheet is given to the applicant, the second copy is given to the Commission.

The candidate is deemed to have passed the test, if the number of correct answers is 70 percent or more of the total number of proposed questions, and is allowed to the second stage.

The list of questions to be included in the examination tickets shall be approved by order of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The examination tickets contain three questions each, which should correspond to the subjects of legal disciplines, knowledge of which is necessary for carrying out the activity of an advocate.

The candidate shall be given 10 minutes to prepare his/her answers to the questions on the examination tickets. The Commission members shall evaluate the correctness of the candidate’s oral answers to the questions of the examination tickets on a five-point system.

Each member of the Commission evaluates the answers of the candidate independently of the others.

According to the results of the second stage, the chairman counts the results given by the members of the Commission and calculates the total average score.

The evaluations of the members of the Commission, as well as the total average score of the examinee on the examination ticket, are reflected in the minutes of the Commission.

An applicant is considered to have passed the certification if the overall average score was at least four points.

According to the results of testing and / or answers to examination questions, the Commission makes a reasoned decision on certification or nonattestation. The results of the attestation are announced on the day of the applicant’s attestation after its completion. The decision of the Commission can be appealed in court.

The decision of the Commission on the attestation is valid for six years from the date of its pronouncement.

An applicant who failed the attestation is allowed to be reattested not earlier than after one year.

At a meeting of the Commission, minutes are kept, which reflect: the date, time and place of the meeting, the surname, first name, patronymic of the examinee, test result, number and content of the examination ticket, answers of the examinee, the points given by the Commission members and the total average score on the questions of the ticket, as well as the decision of the Commission.

The minutes shall be signed by all members of the Commission who participated in the certification.

A candidate who fails to attend the attestation for a valid reason (inability to attend due to health reasons, business trip, force majeure) is summoned to the next meeting of the Commission.

In case of repeated failure to appear, the applicant’s application shall be left without consideration and returned to the territorial bodies of justice together with the submitted documents.

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