Our students are the best!

Our Academy has always been famous for its talented and promising students and graduates. This year was no exception, we interviewed Adil Tleuberdinov (Ju-21-1). Adil is only 18 years old, but it did not prevent him from achieving high results in sports. He has been practicing hand-to-hand fighting since he was eight years old. Hand-to-hand fighting is a rational application of brute physical force by using special wrestling techniques, striking techniques. Hand-to-hand fighting can rightly be considered the most ancient kind of sport on Earth, because it appeared at the dawn of human development, and evolved with it from ancient times until the present day. This versatile tool served mankind to protect against enemies, proof of personal superiority, and just for a useful pastime, which allows to improve such natural qualities as strength, agility, endurance. In 1986, hand-to-hand fighting was recognized as a sports discipline. So what kind of results he achieved? And he achieved very high results. Let’s look at a few of them: World Champion 2019 , 2-time champion of Kazakhstan in hand-to-hand fighting, Silver Champion of Kazakhstan in FCF-MMA and many more .More information about Adil and his achievements will be published in the magazine “Limonade”.

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