Curatorial hour on “Bullying and Columbine”

A curatorial hour was held on 02/15/24 in the In-21-1, In-21-2 and In-21-1k groups on the topic “Bullying and Columbine” in order to raise awareness about the threats of bullying and its possible consequences, as well as discuss measures to prevent such situations. The participants were invited to actively participate in the discussion and exchange of views.

The agenda:

Introduction to the topic: An overview of the concept of bullying and its forms.
Columbine case Analysis: Causes, Consequences, and Lessons we can learn from this tragedy.
Preventive measures: Discussion of various approaches to the prevention of bullying in the school environment.
The role of education and support: How training and support can play a key role in combating bullying and creating a safe environment for all participants in the educational process.
Exchange of views and questions: An open discussion in which participants could express their thoughts, ask questions and share their experiences.

Discussion: During the curatorial hour, participants actively discussed various aspects of bullying, including its types, causes and consequences. It has been revealed that learning emotional skills, developing empathy and creating a friendly environment are key measures to prevent bullying. Columbine’s case has also raised serious thoughts about the need to strengthen the support system for those who experience psychological problems or become victims of bullying.

Conclusion: The curatorial hour on the topic “Bullying and Columbine” ended with an awareness of the importance of education, awareness and support in the fight against bullying. The participants called for joint efforts to create a safe and supportive environment for all participants in the educational process.

The curatorial hour was constructive and informative, contributing to raising awareness and understanding of the bullying problem among the participants.

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