Orientational conference on the training practice for students of Study Programme 6B01101 “Pedagogy and Psychology

January 11, 2021 in online mode by using Zoom program senior lecturers of department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Temirkhanova G.U., Shutenova S.S., Baybekova V.A. held setting conference on Educational practice for students of educational program 6B01101 “Pedagogy and Psychology.

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All the students of groups PP-19-1, PP-19-2, PP-19-2k, PP-20-1 were present, the senior teacher Mahmutova Gulim Saginbaevna, specialist of Educational-methodical management on practice Konysbaeva Jumagul Meirjanovna, psychologist of Karaganda State Institution SOS ¹ 83 named after G. Mustafin Krasheninnikova Olga Vladimirovna.

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The supervisors of practice made the students acquainted with the main aim and aims of Educational practice, said that this practice is the major part of professional preparation of the student, because educational practice is the initial stage of acquaintance with profession of the pedagogue-psychologist, where the students will get acquainted with the main directions of the pedagogue-psychologist activity on the base of educational organization, with specificity and psychological problems of concrete establishment.

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After discussion of the content of the program is noted the relevance of educational practice that during the passage of the students get the necessary practical skills, without which it is impossible to do a specialist.

Temirkhanova G.U., Shutenova S.S., Baybekova V.A., acquainted all students with the order on passing of professional training practice at school. Students were given directions, syllabus, practice diaries and requirements for reporting documents.

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