Open Day at the Prosecutor’s Office of the Karaganda Region

On November 28, 2023, students of groups Ю-21-1,2, Ю-20-2 in the educational program 6B04201 – “Jurisprudence” attended an Open Day at the prosecutor’s office of the Karaganda Region on the eve of the prosecutors’ professional holiday.

The purpose of the event was to assist future lawyers in choosing a professional activity and place of work, to promote service to the Motherland, the attractiveness and prestige of public service, including law enforcement service.

During the meeting, students got acquainted with the history of the formation and development of the prosecutor’s office, with the daily tasks of the prosecutor, with the role of prosecutorial supervision in the implementation of the legal, social and economic tasks of the state, including the most significant achievements of the prosecutor’s office, which had a positive impact on processes in society and the state.
Students were also informed about the procedure for joining the prosecutor’s office, the prestige and prospects of serving in the prosecutor’s office with the possibility of professional growth to higher authorities and departments of the prosecutor’s office.

The students asked many questions and showed great interest. Thanks to the knowledge acquired within the Academy, we believe that in the future our students will become good specialists.

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