Open curatorial hour on the topic “English Language Day”

The Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication pays special attention to the culture and traditions of different countries, especially the UK and the USA. Every year, the Department of Foreign Languages and International Communication with students of the EP: Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages organizes various events on the eve of English Language Day for students of all educational programs.

On April 30, 2024, an open curatorial hour was held on the topic “English Language Day.” This event took place in stages.

At the beginning there was a welcoming speech from the senior adviser of the Department of Foreign Languages and Computer Science Abdresheva Madina Kabbasovna. After this, students of group In-23-1 presented a presentation about the culture and traditions of Great Britain and the USA. Next, the students played a mini-game on English phraseological units. Students from other educational programs actively answered questions and received sweet prizes. After this, students of the In-21 group Ekaterina Shitova and Vladlen Tereshchenko began holding a quiz called Their Own Game, which consisted of 4 categories. In each category there were questions ranging in complexity from 100 to 400 points. Students from other EPs were divided into 4 teams – “Victory”, “Scarlet Themis”, “Baby”, “Hot girls”. The order of the team was determined by drawing lots. The following categories were presented to the teams: Language, expressions, culture and traditions, cinema and literature.

The questions were quite interesting and informative. The teams tried to answer confidently. During the game, the points were counted by the referee – Abdresheva M.K. After the calculations, the results of the entire game were summed up. The “Baby” team took 3rd place, the “Hot girls” team took 2nd place, and the “Victory” team deservedly took 1st place. The teams were awarded certificates and small prizes. In conclusion, students and the teacher have their opinions on the event. The organizers thanked the students and teachers and made further progress in learning languages.

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