Adviser hour meeting on the topic: “Our independent Kazakhstan”

December 15, 2023, senior lecturer of the department of legal and financial disciplines Otynshiyeva G.K. conducted an adviser hour meeting “Тәуелсіздік-тұғырым” with students of group Ю-22 -2. The purpose of the meeting was to develop a sense of patriotism and citizenship, knowledge of state symbols, development of students’ cognitive interest in history, pride in the historical past, present and bright future of the peoples of Kazakhstan.

From the report of G.K. Otynshiyeva: For many centuries, the Kazakh people had to fight for independence and sovereignty. The current Independent Kazakhstan did not appear suddenly or out of nowhere: the road to independence was difficult and complex.

In 1986, a tragic December event occurred. But without history there is no future, and the December events marked the beginning of the formation of Kazakhstan as an independent sovereign state, and for this we will be forever grateful to the people who gave their lives in the name of freedom and prosperity of their native land.

Thanks to its best qualities, the ability to unite and be united in a moment of danger, the desire to live in peace, harmony and good neighborliness with other peoples, it did not disappear in the stream of history and after decades was able to restore its statehood. Kazakhstan, having embarked on a new path of development, has embodied the centuries-old dreams of the people about freedom. For the first time, the people again acquired the opportunity to develop their culture, language, faith, religion and traditions. Today every citizen of the republic is proud of his independence. The independence of our country is the most sacred thing for the Kazakh people.

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