Changes were made in the Rules for the UNT

Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan by the Order dated June 3, 2021 amended the Rules for the unified national testing and public services “Issuance of the Certificate of passing the unified national testing.

Thus, it is said that at the start of testing the entrants enter the building one by one.

Identification of the entering person is produced by the pass and on the basis of an identity document or certificate of completion of secondary education in the current year of persons under the age of sixteen years,” the document says.

At the same time, applicants with an identity document or passport, and who applied by online registration in an automated system, are launched and identify themselves through a scanner of the volumetric shape of the person’s face.

Hand-held and frame-type metal detectors are used at launch for testing.

As noted, the use of metal detectors at the launch for testing is carried out in the framework of ensuring the safety of those entering during the test, as well as preventing them from taking into the building prohibited items of cell phones equipped with the functions of information transfer, including pager, cell phones, tablets, iPad (iPad), iPod (iPod), SmartPhone (Smartphone)), laptops, players, modems (mobile routers), any type of radio electronic communications, including Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth (Bluetooth), Dect, 3G (3G), 4G (4G), 5G (5G) smart watches, calculator, wired and wireless headphones, cribs, educational and methodological literature.

If the detection of the above prohibited items during the metal detector test in the launch test, the testing administrator draws up a report “On the exclusion of the entrant in the building of the metal detector in the building of the UNT” and the entrant is not allowed to this test.

Changes also affected the work of the State Commission.

Thus, the heads of higher educational institutions (heads of cities, districts (departments) of education) are appointed as chairmen of the state commission, which ensure the organization and conduct of the UNT, as well as the use of metal detectors, devices that suppress signals of mobile and electronic communications within the permissible magnetic waves, depending on the area of the classroom (computer lab) and video surveillance.

It is also stated that the state commission together with representatives of law enforcement agencies ensures the protection of public order during the testing.

In addition, it will organize the use of devices that suppress mobile and electronic communication signals within the allowable magnetic waves, depending on the area of the classroom (computer lab), as well as obtaining a protocol for measuring the electromagnetic field.

When conducting the UNT in electronic format, the entrants are launched into the building one by one, with the identification of the identity of the entrant through the scanner of the volumetric shape of the person’s face.

In addition, all the above-mentioned measures similar to the entering in full-time format are observed.

The duration of the UNT is 240 minutes (4 hours).

After 60 minutes of testing a break of 2 minutes is provided for eye exercises and physical exercises. After 120 minutes of testing there is a 15 minute break.

After 180 minutes of testing a 3 minute break is provided.

For students enrolled in a group of educational programs, requiring creative training, the duration of testing – 65 minutes.

For students enrolled in a group of educational programs requiring creative training, and wishing to transfer to other groups of educational programs, the test duration is 130 minutes.

For entrants to educational programs which provide reduced terms of study, the UNT is 120 minutes (2 hours).

For applicants to a group of educational programs requiring creative training, in related areas of training in educational programs providing reduced time training – 80 minutes.

In case of violation by the applicant paragraph 80 of the Rules, the testing administrator in conjunction with the testing monitors shall draw up a Statement of detection of prohibited items and removal from the audience (computer lab) entrant. He is not allowed to this testing and testing taking place in the period of the UNT.If the entrant violates paragraph 80 for the second time in the period of the UNT results are canceled UNT first time and is not allowed to compete for the award of educational grants.

Point 80 provides that when the UNT in electronic format entering is not allowed:

leave the auditorium (computer lab) without the permission and accompaniment of the testing administrator who serves as a hallway attendant;

Leave the room (computer lab) for no more than 10 minutes;

talk to each other, sit down from one place to another;

exchange documents and A4 size papers given to the applicant for work;

take out of the classroom (computer lab) A4 documents and papers;

bring cribs, study guides, calculators, cameras, cell phones (pagers, cell phones, tablets, iPads, iPods) into the room (computer lab) and use them, SmartPhone (Smartphone), laptops, players, modems (mobile routers), use any kind of radio electronic communications (Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth (Bluetooth), Dect, 3G (3G), 4G (4G), 5G (5G), smart watches, headphones wired and wireless, etc.)

making noise before or during testing;

take away with them the A4 paper issued before the test;

discuss and disclose the content of test items;

Intentionally damaging testing equipment and security systems.

As noted, test results from individuals who violate these rules are not processed and are subject to revocation.

In the event of a power outage, the test taker’s workplace data on the testing process (previously marked answers to test tasks, the amount of test time used) is stored.

At the subsequent continuation of testing the test taker continues the testing process from the place where the testing process was interrupted.

The Order shall take effect on June 19, 2021.


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