Regional competition of panoramic lessons

Senior teacher of the department of Kazakh language and literature of the Academy “Bolashaq” Abylbayeva B. A. participated in the jury of the final stage of the regional competition of panoramic lessons “Innovative technologies and pedagogical lessons of Kanipa Bitibaeva in modern education”, which was held offline on April 24, 2024 in accordance with the plan of the educational and methodological center for the development of education in the Karaganda region, the education department of the Karaganda region.

Goal of the competition: Development of methodological skills, increasing the status of the state language based on the ideas of innovative teachers who successfully implement innovative methods and techniques in the learning process.

Final stage participants:

5 (five) teachers who passed the selection in Direction I conducted an open lesson according to the “Best Lesson” plan;

5 (five) teachers who passed the selection in the II direction defended their panoramic lessons based on the “Q talks” project.

We are grateful to the heads of the education department of the Karaganda region, the Educational and Methodological Center for Education Development of the Karaganda region, the organizers of the competition, for the professional growth and improvement of the teacher’s pedagogical skills, the exchange of experience, as well as for conscientious and high-quality education for future generations with the effective use of pedagogical technologies of the individual teacher of the times K. Bitibaeva.

The regional stage competition was held at a very high level, the winners of the competition were awarded diplomas of I, II, III degrees and letters of gratitude.

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