On March 12, 2024, as part of the activities of the Psychological Service and the psychological club “Know Yourself”, a training with elements of art therapy was held

The training was conducted by a teacher of the Department of Pedagogy, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, art therapist, neurologist Dana Salamatovna Asakaeva with the participation of students In-21-1 and PiP-22-1.

Art therapy, in particular isotherapy, is considered a projective technique based on the theory of Z. Freud’s idea of personality, as well as the idea that projection is a tool for protecting human mental health.

With the help of projective techniques, one can see the motivation of a person’s actions and feelings. They are also called deep methods of understanding oneself in psychology.

In accordance with the purpose of studying and learning how to apply elements of art therapy in working with one’s own feelings, how to use color in stabilizing an emotional state, various theories of color reflecting emotions and feelings were analyzed at the training.

Asakaeva D.S. said that the drawings often show emotions that a person hides very much, even from himself. If in a conversation a person begins to draw something, draw, write words (not write them down) without awareness, then this can be interpreted as the fact that a person has a huge number of hidden feelings that he tries to suppress with force. And only through the drawing can a person tell about their own feelings.

Asakaeva D.S. also proposed to consider the paintings “Growing Up” (Hilma af Klin, 1907), “The Nameless Painting” (V.Kandinsky, 1910), “The Machine for Twitter” (P.Klee, 1922) and “The Red Spot” (J.Miro, 1925), which are among the the most famous paintings of abstractionism.

Each participant of the training could give their own understanding of the emotions that the artist could experience at the time of painting, i.e. try to tell the “story” of the author’s life at that moment and answer the question “What did the author want to express?”.

So, during the training, the students themselves drew an abstraction that expressed their own emotions at the moment.

The use of elements of art therapy is very well suited as a mechanism for working on oneself, one’s emotional background.

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